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There we were…

She was straddling me while we kissed passionately, but as my hands reached behind this Perfect 10’s back to unhook her bra, she blurted out...

“Wait a second! Turn the lights back on!”

She shifted her weight, and leaned over to flip the lamp switch, filling our hotel room with light.

I was confused for a second, until she shifted her weight back on top of my crotch...

sat bolt upright…

and unhooked her bra…

her perfect, MASSIVE D-cup breasts spilling out for me to see, in all their glory.

She giggled.

Perfect 10 Model

Now you see why I wanted to turn the lights on?”

As she bent over to shove them in my face, I thought back to our conversation earlier…

It Only Took A Few Simple Words To
Ignite This Fantasy In Her Mind

I’d met her a few hours earlier, in the lobby of my hotel.

I was in town for work. She was there for a bachelorette party.

Girls like this used to scare the shit out of me, but by now, I knew that my “Fantasy Ignition” technique had a 100% success rate.

Every single time I used it in conversation, the girl wanted to see me again.

(that’s because I designed it to implant vivid fantasies in her mind)

And strange as it may sound, I had a fictional Christian prostitute to thank for the Fantasy Ignition technique, and all these new women in my life and my bed.


That’s the sheer beauty of the Fantasy Ignition technique.

You start by asking her a few simple, innocent questions.

They sound like small talk, so even a short, fat, unattractive guy - like some of the “tough case” clients I’ve taught - can use them to get a smokeshow talking to them.

(and the questions are interesting enough that she’ll want to answer them)

But then, when you use her answers with the Fantasy Ignition technique, GET READY.

You’ll ignite fantasies in her mind that will have her thinking you’re the Prince Charming she’s been dreaming of.

Her Prince Charming

And she will stop at NOTHING to experience these fantasies with you.

“Completely Eliminated My Fear of Talking To New Girls”

Hey Christian, I loved your girlfriend course so I had to give Ignition a try, and WOW I can’t believe how wicked this technique is. It’s basically become my go-to for talking to women, kinda like I know I’m gonna order a medium fries every time I visit McDonalds lol. I KNOW it’s gonna work and it has completely eliminated my fear of talking to new girls. I even started using it on Tinder, and I don’t know if you meant for this, but damn man it works so good on tinder, total game changer, my flake ratio has gone from 8 out of 10 to 2 out of ten. Since I started using this, I’ve been out on twenty five dates, made out with nineteen of them, gotten blowjobs from three, and banged with another five. Doesn’t get much better than that man!

Every Woman Has Fantasies That
She’s DYING To Experience…
You Just Need To Get Her To Reveal Hers...

It isn’t complicated.

In fact, the Fantasy Ignition technique is purpose-built for guys like you and me who’ve struggled with conversations.

Have you ever started talking to a woman… and FROZE because you didn’t know what to say?

She was just your type…

So you said “Hi”… but your brain completely shut down

And you watched as the conversation deflated like a popped balloon.

Maybe you tried to come up with something clever… but it backfired on you...

… and then the awkward silence killed any shot you had with her.

You can see her trying to back away from you… “ummmm, I’m gonna go look for my friend, byeeeeeee.”

If You Can’t Talk To Her,

You’re Not Gonna Date Her…

And You Sure As Hell Aren’t Gonna F*ck Her

Even if you look like a men’s health model…

Even if you’re balling like a billionaire...

Even if you have a ripped six pack, barrel chest and veins popping out of your biceps…

None of that’s gonna get you the girl if you can’t talk to her.

And most men fumble over their words, run out of things to say, and get frustrated because they don’t know how to make a conversation sexual.

But what if there was a simple, undetectable technique that didn’t just make it easy to talk to her…

(because SHE does 80% of the talking)

…but actually gets her fantasizing about all the exciting things that you two are going to do together?

Well, it’s real, and it’s brutally effective.

And if it weren’t for the excruciating pain of my past, I’d never have discovered it. In fact...

I Know EXACTLY How Shitty It Feels When You Fumble Your Words With A Beautiful Woman

My name is Christian Hudson.


My name is Christian Hudson.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped a quarter of a million guys get the women of their dreams.

(that’s longer than most people take to get a Ph.D.)

But honestly, I didn’t mean to become a “guru.”

I was absolutely terrible with women… my first girlfriend cheated on me again and again, and when she finally dumped my ass, I was lonely, and hurt as f*ck.

It took awhile to get back in the game… and when I finally did, I realized how utterly clueless I was.

I’d spend hundreds of dollars on a date, then sit across from the girl and have NO idea what to do or say… I felt like such a damned loser, and my self-esteem was in the toilet.

But everything changed when I read an article on the Huffington Post about “literotica” books… those hyper-sexual romance novels like “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Fifty Shades of Grey

These books were like gateways into the darkest parts of a woman’s mind, and after reading enough of them, I finally began to understand what women really want… and have real success.

From “Alone With My Porn”
“Dating ‘Perfect Ten’ Models”...
Everyone Wanted To Know My Secret

I began teaching other guys these “literotica secrets”… first on message boards, then in real life, then in online courses.

And I became known as the “get a girlfriend” guy when my Girlfriend System course took the world by storm in 2014.

Men from around the globe began to put themselves on 6-month long wait lists to get into my seminars and private coaching

And the number 1 roadblock between my clients, and the women they wanted, was always “what do I say to her?”

There were always three problems:

  1. Some clients didn’t know what to say to women - PERIOD - so they wouldn’t even start a conversation.

  2. Some clients would say hello, in person or online, but quickly run out of things to say… so the girl would get bored, and lose interest.

  3. Some clients were able to talk to women, but couldn’t make it past the friend zone.

What is Confidence?

I experienced all three of those awful problems myself, so I know how painful they are…

...they made me feel impotent, like I might as well have been castrated...

...because If I couldn’t talk to a girl, I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to sleep with her.

And that’s why I needed a solution that would work for me before it worked for anyone else.

I Discovered It In One Of The Most
Bizarre Books I’ve Ever Read...

Redeeming Love

Amidst all of the literotica I read, there was one book that stood out from all the others.

It was called “Redeeming Love,” and it was a Christian romance novel.

It was about a prostitute who was “redeemed” by a man of strong faith...

...and unlike all of the trashier literotica, all of the dialogue in this book was pretty PG.

So the “seduction” of this woman - if you could even call it that - was very “under the radar.”

In fact, it was entirely non-sexual. The man of God would just ask her about her fantasies in a really innocent way…

...and then he’d say a few things to make her think about experiencing those fantasies with him.

Now listen, these weren’t crazy sexual fantasies. They were simple, and romantic...

She Was A Battered Prostitute, After All

…and she didn’t trust any men, much less men of God.

So he couldn’t push too hard, or he’d push her away.

(nod your head if you’ve also made THAT mistake before!)

But he also loved her, so he wasn’t just gonna “be himself” and hope that things “worked out.”

No, his technique was very subtle… he used it to create a “future image” in her mind of how great life could be with him.

And despite being the last person who she’d ever think of falling in love with...

….she began to dream of experiencing her fantasies with him. And she fell hard.

It got me thinking...

If I Could Make A Woman Think About
A Fun Moment In The Future With Me…
Maybe She’d Want To See Me Again?

With this book’s dialogue helping me along, I began to design a new conversation technique.

It had to do three things…

  1. it had to disarm a woman, even if she was cold or standoffish, and get her to “open up” to me

  2. it had to get her talking. I was broke and out of shape, and no girl wanted to hear the sad story of my life.

  3. it had ignite a vision in her mind, about a fun experience that we could share together in the future.

I figured that if it did all three of those things, I’d have a good shot at making a woman want to see me again.

First, I Had Figure Out How To Get Past Her Automatic “Rejection” Response...

It took me a few months of trial and error to get the kinks worked out.

The first month was simply figuring out how to talk to a woman, without getting rejected.

I needed to get her to pay attention to me, long enough to begin using the technique.

Pay Attention to Me

(and once I figured it out, I LAUGHED at how hard I’d been making it for so long!)

From there, everything happened fastand I was pulling girls every damn time I went out… it was like discovering cookies after a lifetime of eating broccoli.

I’d drop the Fantasy Ignition technique into a conversation, and watch as a girl’s whole attitude changed.

She’d go from neutral, to friendly, to flirty within about ninety seconds!

I still remember one night, at an NYC dive bar called Pianos. I saw a hottie who was WAY out of my league… a scorching hot 9/10.

I walked up next to her at the bar, ordered a beer, and said ‘hi’ to her.

Sure, she was a bit cool at first, then I started using the technique.

When She Said “Wow, Aren’t You Fun?!”
I Knew I Was Onto Something

I had just run through the Fantasy Ignition technique when she said those words to me, and I didn’t have anything else to say… I just used it again!

And she told me another fantasy.

And then I used it again, and she told me a third.

And an hour later, as we were making out in a taxi together, I couldn’t help but thinking…

“Are Conversations With Women
Really This F*cking Easy???”

Ever since then, I never thought about “what to say” with women, because the Fantasy Ignition technique did all the work for me.

I began to share it with clients, making sure to teach them the “in’s and out’s.”

I wanted to make sure they knew exactly how to use it (and what to do if it didn’t work at first).

Because the fact is, the Fantasy Ignition technique had a 100% success rate for me. It would ALWAYS lead to a number, a kiss, some boobs in my face… it all depended on the girl.

I knew that if my clients experienced the same, then it would earn its place in one of my online courses.

And guess what?

You’re reading these words because the Fantasy Ignition technique did make it into a course, and you now have the chance to learn it in...

Ignition Seduction Techniques

Ignition is a collection of my very best dating and seduction techniques, from over a decade of coaching men to get the women of their dreams.

And The Fantasy Ignition is just one of dozens of confidence-boosting, perfect-ten-pulling techniques that I’ve crammed into Ignition.

You’ll find it in Module 3 of the course, and not only will I teach it to you… but you’ll watch me use it on a beautiful woman (so you know exactly how to do it yourself).

Ignition Still

If you want to dive into the course and go straight to that technique, I completely understand.

But I’d actually suggest you set a aside a few hours and start from the beginning, because the Fantasy Ignition technique is, in my opinion, only the third or fourth coolest technique waiting for you inside the “Ignition” video training site.

For example...

Here’s A Few Of The Other Groundbreaking Techniques You’ll Find In Ignition:



….and much, more more.

So trust me when I say...

You’ve Never Used Techniques That
Work As Fast As These Do


One of the main reasons that guys pay me $1000 an hour to coach them is that my material works - fast.

And that’s exactly why I made Ignition - to give you everything you need to get the women you want, as soon as possible.

Everything from what to say in conversations, to social skill hacks, to how to live an attractive lifestyle that magnetically brings women to you - it’s all inside Ignition.

I stomp on all the bullshit that wannabe pick up artists sell to lift money from unsuspecting guys’ wallets… and only give you the very best of what’s been proven to work for me and my private clients.

So truthfully, you’re going to be surprised by just how much material I’ve crammed into the six hours of the course...

...and how I’m setting you up long term success, with women AND with life.

Because yeah, I want you to succeed with women, but what I really want is for you to be really f*cking happy and confident with yourself.

And let’s face it...

It’s Hard To Feel Happy Or Confident If You’re Basically Neutered Every Time You Talk To A Woman

That’s why I included the Fantasy Ignition technique - to give guys like you the conversation firepower you need to date the women of your dreams, and have mind-blowing sex with women who can’t have enough of you.

It’s what you deserve as a man.

So many guys are taught the wrong things, from the media, to their friends, even by women themselves… simply learning the techniques in Ignition is going to give you an unfair advantage.

Never Again Get In Your Head
Because You “Don’t Know What To Say”

I’ve already figured out exactly what works and what doesn’t, and made countless mistakes so that YOU don’t have to make them.

Trust me: between the thousands of conversations I’ve had with women, and thousands more that I’ve coached clients into, I’ve seen exactly what works.

That’s why I’m so excited to get Ignition into your hands, because it’s the very best of what works to seduce hot women.

Step by simple step.

Ignition Still Step By Step

With video demonstrations, so you simply can’t mess it up… no matter how much you’ve struggled.

Until Today, These Techniques Would Have
Cost You $3997 And Up

Ignition is a collection of my very best seduction techniques, from over ten years of coaching.

And before I recorded this course, the only way to learn this cutting edge seduction technology was to pay $3997 for one of my private coaching weekends.

Sure, that’s a hell of a lot of money, but men who want the very best coaching, to pull the 9’s and 10’s that every guy wants, have lined up to join my 6+ month wait list.

So I decided to put together a “get results today” set of videos, to send to out to clients when they place their $997 deposit.

And man, did they love these videos...

“These Techniques Are So Lit”

What’s up Christian, just checking in with you. Been about a month since you sent me the videos, and I’m not sure how to say this, but I don’t know if I still need to come in to see you lol.

Seriously man, these techniques are so lit, I’ve pulled eight girls in the last month, including my first perfect ten. She’s a waitress at this restaurant I go to, college girl, she’s got an oh my f*cking god body, and she’s a f*cking maniac in bed.

Don’t get me wrong man, I think I could still take it up another level. I still want to work myself up to the higher end parties where the instagram models hang out, so that’s what I want to focus on during our coaching, but honestly, I’m pretty confident that I can pull them if you can just help me get in the door lol.

-Daniel V.

“Conversation Problems Are GONE”

Can’t believe I’m getting these result from a few simple videos you sent me. Conversation problems are GONE, been on two really fun dates, and slept with one of them last night. Can’t wait to come see you in person CHristian.

-Eddie A.

It was undeniable - these advanced training videos supercharged my clients’ results.

They Told Me I Should Charge $297 For This Course

I decided that I had to get these techniques out to a wider audience, so I put together a proper outline, called up a great production crew, and re-shot these advanced seduction techniques in sparkling high definition.

And I made damn sure to have a woman on hand to demonstrate everything!

Ignition Still Woman on Hand

I called the course “Ignition,” because clients told me it was like a spark that set off a powder keg of success with women.

And last month, I rolled it out to a 40-man test group, with breathtaking results. But what really surprised me was how much they thought I should charge:

If I release Ignition to a wider audience, how much should I charge?

An overwhelming majority thought the course was worth more than $97, and most of them thought it was worth $297 or more!

And while I plan on pricing Ignition at $97 in the future...

Today, Ignition Is Yours For Only $7

Yes, seven dollars.

For less than the price of a Chipotle burrito, you can learn my Fantasy Ignition technique… and dozens of others that I’ve crammed into the course.

Eradicate your self doubt… start dating the gorgeous 9’s and 10’s you’ve always wanted… and finally have complete control over the dating game.

Imagine the look on your buddy’s face when he sees the bombshell sweetheart you’re dating. All your friends will start coming to YOU for advice with women!

All it takes is to click the “Add To Cart” button below right now to get started.

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In order to receive this price, you must sign a digital non-disclosure.

This price is not meant for the general public, and I insist that we keep this course “in the tribe.”

Why Only $7?

Listen man, I know I’ve made a lot of outrageous claims about just how powerful my material is

And I also know that the only way you’ll believe me is if you access the material, start using it, and start getting laid.

When that happens, I’m confident that you’ll come back to me, thrilled with your results, and say “Christian, I want more…”

And when that time comes, I’ll be more than happy to introduce you to my higher-priced courses.

But right now, the burden is on me to prove to you that the claims I’ve made are true… that this shit works… and that my techniques are the real deal for getting you the women you want.

Supercharge Your Results, With Nearly
$900 Worth of Additional Training…
For Free

By now, you should see that making the choice to invest $7 in Ignition is an absolute no-brainer.

But I’m absolutely committed to improving every area of your life, and over delivering.

That’s why I’m ALSO including some incredible bonus masterclasses with Ignition so, you’ll be prepared for ANY situation that comes your way.

Like, what happens if...

She’s Turned On And Ready To Go.
Do You Know What Signs To Look For?
Do You Know How To “Sink the Putt”?


Use what’s inside my Art Of Seduction Bonus Masterclass ($97 VALUE!).

In this masterclass, you’ll learn the step-by-step to go from the front door, to the bedroom, to the morning after.

It’s simple, it’s natural, and you’ll be one step ahead… which means no more nervousness or uncertainty.

You’ll know exactly what she wants you to do, so you can slow down, and enjoy every delicious minute with her.

You’ll have more fun and a lot more action when you get the Art of Seduction.


How Do You Make Sure She Wants To See You
Again? Be The Best Lover She’s Ever Had...

There’s an amazing girl in your bed, clothes off, waiting for your next move.

What do you do to make her CRAVE you, OBSESS over your Sex Game, and make sure you’re the ONLY man she gets in bed with?

Simple - be the best lover she’s ever had.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do in this next bonus masterclass I have waiting for you….


Lustworthy Sex ($97 VALUE!).

You’ll learn how to think about sex, sexual inner game, and specific techniques that unlock your sexual edge and make you an addiction-worthy lover.

Forget a one night stand. You’ll experience pleasure most men won’t EVER feel in their lifetime… and you’ll experience it over and over again.

Does She Really Have A Naughty Side? Yes…
Here’s How To Bring It Out


You’ll also get my R-Rated Texting Bonus ($197 VALUE!) , where you’ll get the formula to get dirty with your girl over messaging.

You know what I mean… titillating conversation, photos that “you better not show any of your friends,” and so on… this is exactly how you turn your phone into a little pleasure device.

Do you want your woman to be waiting on the edge of her seat for you to text her back?

Do you want her to send you nudes without even having to ask?

Do you want to know how to arouse your girlfriend or wife at the push of a button?

Do you want to make her so horny that she BEGS you to come satisfy her?

Do you want her to fantasize about you when you’re not around?

This is the secret stash of texting techniques that can be used to do all that and much more…

Oh and by the way… if you do it like I teach, women LOVE it.

Did you know that women do more Google searches for “sexting” than men do? They’re dying for men who can bring out their naughty side, and you’ll know exactly how with this program.

Ignition Is The Best Of What I Teach…
But I’ve Got WAY More To Share With You

There are still fifteen other bonuses I have waiting for you inside the private member’s area, like the Instant Confidence Upgrade, The 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s, The Frame Control Bible, The Friend-Zone To Lover Guide, and much more...

And last but not least, you’ll be getting…


Trial access to my exclusive “Superpowers With Women” masterclass.

Superpowers is exactly what it sounds like – a massive collection of attraction superpowers that I’ve never shared anywhere else. You’ll quite literally have a clear window into how the female brain works.

What if you could make her feel like she’s known you for days when she’s only known you for minutes? What if you could move straight into a sexual vibe where she escalates on YOU? What if you could instantly trigger her primal instinct to make you her boyfriend? The fact is, this is just scratching the surface of what’s possible with women.

These are tips and techniques ripped right from the playbooks of behavioral psychology… everything in Superpowers is based on proven science that makes women feel desire and love… much more deeply… much more quickly.

I give you the superpowers fast… I tell you what to do… I demonstrate how to do it… and I tell you the psychological principles behind why it works. So you’ll watch a video, and immediately go put the technique to use.

When you add Superpowers to the core training of Ignition - simply put, you’ll be unstoppable.

Access to Superpowers is normally $197 a month, but you’ll get to give it a go for free when you buy Ignition today… and if you love it (which I fully expect) you’ll have a chance to get the whole course for a drastically reduced price.

Guarantee Badge

I’d have been run off the internet by now if I was in the business of scamming my customers… and besides that, I’d feel like a total asshole.

So, I have no problem asking you for the very small investment of $7.00 for all of these secrets, but I’m also protecting your purchase with my Iron-Clad Guarantee.

You have a full 365-days to put this material to use.

I know Ignition will work for you… so my 365-Day “Women Will Obsess Over You” Guarantee reflects that belief in you.

You’ll use the Fantasy Ignition technique and get women instantly attracted to you through conversation…

You’ll know exactly how to get them into the bedroom with The Art of Seduction

You’ll have the sexual skills and confidence to keep them “coming” back for more, with Lustworthy Sex...

...and as your conquests mount, so will the collection of steaming hot, private photos and messages you’ll get after applying the secrets of R-Rated Texting.

If you try out all of that, and everything else I’m offering here today, and for whatever reason you decide it’s not working for you, just write me back or give me a call.

No hassles, no endless hoops to go through. I’ve got an awesome team of customer support people based in Texas who literally work around the clock, and they’ll be happy to refund you if Ignition isn’t everything I’ve promised (and more).

In fact, for the past ten years our company has continued to maintain a prestigious A+ Better Business Bureau ranking. You can’t buy that or fake it - we earned it with great products like Ignition, and the commitment to treat our customers like Kings.

When you invest and try out Ignition, I’m the one taking all the risk, and you have absolutely nothing to lose… So why not act right now?

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If you have questions, you can get personal, specific feedback from guys who were once in your shoes, but are now hugely successful. Plain and simple, you can’t lose here.

Here’s my request. Once you’ve gotten access… When you’re waking up on a Saturday morning with an incredible woman you landed using what’s inside Ignition... I want you to send me a message.

Tell me how you walked up, introduced yourself, and used the Fantasy Ignition Technique to win your dream girl over. Tell me how you got her number… tell me about how she fell in love with you.

Tell me about how she gave you the night of your life… by fulfilling her secret fantasy to seduce YOU.

Tell me how you used my mental hack to talk to an exceptionally beautiful woman with no sweat... To get her to be the gorgeous woman wrapped in your arms - the girl that only YOU were able to win over.

I love hearing guys success stories. Because as shy, introverted and terrible with women as I used to be, it’s my greatest joy to know that I’ve had a hand in helping other guys overcome these same problems, and land the women of their dreams.

That’s what I know Ignition is going to do for you.

So listen closely. Right now is not the time for hesitation. It’s a time for action, and your time is running out. The choice is yours to make, but decide - and I can’t wait to see you in the member’s only login area.

Christian Hudson Signature

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Oh, and in case you’re curious, here’s more feedback from my Test Group:

Before I joined the Ignition test group, I was lucky to get a date maybe once a month. I consider myself a good guy. The few relationships I've had were amazing, but they seemed to fall apart from what felt was out of my control. Now, after the training, I understand the little things I was doing wrong, and my dating life exploded! This program isn't at all like other dating advice I've come across. Christian gives simple pointers about how to and what to do, without coming across as a douche or changing who you are, which surprised me. Most tactics I've seen have all been about being a testosterone filled jerk to force a girl to submit to you. This is not like that at all. If anything, when applied appropriately, you will come across as the most interesting gentleman that is the obvious choice for any woman. Thanks Christian X1000! This program is a life saver.


Hey Christian!! You guys are really fucking awesome, you really changed my life and my brother's - we have been watching and learning from you for over a year now and i can honestly say that my life has improved so much since i started following your programs, from ignition to the girlfriend activation system and what i love about your whole thing is that you make us see our trueselves and you really give us the right questions to ask ourselves, to see who we really are and who we want to be, our values and beliefs. Its not like you are prentending to be someone else or do some silly stuff to get a girl, you go and show your trueself and be confident enough to know your true worth.


After learning a lot from you last year i joined ignition, and was just in the right place and i met this awesome and most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life and i was able to go for it and win her heart by just being the best of me and just for you to know last sunday was our 1 month anniversary and i couldn't be happier to be in this awesome and healthy relationship.

I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.


Thank you

I have found my super model or rather she found me and I have used all the tips from Ignition and I indeed to Take this new relationship very slowly and let it grow the way it is supposed to.

Patience this time is the right approach

Yours, Vince

I would like to thank your team so much for all of the informative courses that is provided throughout your training programs. It honestly teaches you some of the best techniques you could use in social situations to make you look like the best man out there. I would recommend this to anyone who is having trouble making themselves aware to people out there who have trouble speaking to women.

I would like to congratulate you and your team. If this feedback serves you please use it as it may serve you.


Just want to let you know that Christian and team are doing a great Job, I can feel his intentions as very noble, authentic and clear. The content of all the courses are exquisite, I have tried several of the technic and they are mind blowing and they work. But that's not the best part they work by being me, simply me. Of course I have had to change a few bad habits, but that's ok because I have also grown as a person. This is my feedback about the content. But something that I appreciate very much is the integrity and honesty of the way you are doing things. I felt the true positive energy in good will when I receive the quick response of your support team. Its not the email or the message that counts but the intention behind the message, and I know you guys as a fact that you have the correct intention… so thank you… I thought this was worth sharing.

Thank you. Good day. Namaste.

Jose M. Campos Kohn


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Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, my iron-clad 100% money-back “Women Will Obsess Over You” guarantee applies to Ignition. The Social Man would have been run off the internet by now if we were in the business of scamming our customers…So, I have no problem asking you for the very small investment of $7.00 for all of these secrets, but I’m also protecting your purchase with my Iron-Clad Guarantee.

You have a full 365-days to put this material to use. I know Ignition will work for you any and every day of the year… so my 365-Day Guarantee reflects that belief in you. If you’ve tried out the program and are unsatisfied, simply email in to my the customer happiness team at and they’ll promptly make sure you’re taken care of.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Access To Ignition And All The Bonus Masterclasses?

You’ll get instant, immediate access. Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you’ll find The Fantasy Ignition Technique, Ignition and all the Bonus Masterclasses unlocked and waiting for you.


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